balkanblackbox #6 2004

bbb 2004 » programm » film » wettbewerb KALENDER «
Regie: Goran Radovanoviæ (SiM 2003)
Dok 75 o. 52 min., DigiBeta
Lichtblick, So, 31.03.108537 um 00:00 Uhr
Babylon Mitte, Mo, 31.07.108547 um 00:00 Uhr
Was haben Sex, Überleben, Serbien und Strumpfhosen gemeinsam? Goran Radovanovics Konzept ist provozierend. Er drehte eine Art Doku-Drama, in dem er wirkliche Personen manipuliert und sie dadurch zu fiktionalen Personen macht. Die jungen Frauen, die sich zu einem Casting für Strumpfhosenwerbung einfinden (unter dem Slogan:"Die schönsten Beine Europas! Der Euro Look ereicht endlich Serbien!") werden zu Protagonistinnen eines Films über die sozialen und politischen Probleme Serbiens in einer Zeit des Wandels.

Sex, survival, Serbia, pantyhose…what do they have in common? The women originally have come to audition for a part in the pantyhose commercial which has, as its slogan: The most beautiful step in Europe- Panties for every occasion. Euro-look finally in Serbia too! But, suddenly they become characters in a documentary reflecting the radical changes in Serbian society today. Although they are good students and daughters, the girls slowly turn towards morally corrupt and darker layers of a society in transition. ‘I earn for one night what my mum gets as a monthly pension,’ one of the girls emphasizes. The society that chooses no other way to recover but to blindly follow the market economy and create a quasi-Serbian way of democracy, has elevated material success and wealth as new icons for younger generations to worship. Although the film appears to be a rather ‘light’ documentary about contemporary life in Belgrade where the young face many choices, it is deeply rooted in the misery and moral mud of present-day Serbia. Analytical but not dry, this well-crafted, exciting film, observes social change with compassion and understanding.

The Bitter Cup Award for Best Documentary, International Film Festival Sofia 2004