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Loving Glances (Sjaj u očima)
Srđan Karanović (SiM 2003)
Acud, Fr, 31.03.108519 um 00:00 Uhr

Loving Glances is set in 1995 Belgrade. Despite a war raging in the background, young people throughout the country are trying to fall in love and get married, as they feel a normal life would ensconce them. When refugee Labud (Senad Alihodžić), a draft-dodging Serbian student, comes

To the city without a job or dime to his name, he turns to a marriage broker (Milena Dravić) to help him find the woman of his dreams. He is paired with Romana (Ivana Bolanca), a pretty Belgrade girl. But some matters, foreseeably, turn out otherwise than they may at first appear

Toronto International Film Festival 2003
Venice Film Festival 2003