Focus Seljak i Gradjanin - Bauer und Bürger
Regie:Filip Jovanovski and Dean Damjanovski
52 Min, Mavedonien 2005, OmuE
Nickelodeon, Mo, 30.11.113248 um 00:00 Uhr
babylon berlin:mitte, Sa, 31.03.113274 um 00:00 Uhr
Eine parabelhafte Analyse des Wortes Kabadaia (Angeber/Aufschneider), durch die Befragung der Bewohner von Bitola/Macedonien, wird zur Metapher des Homo Balcanicus an sich.
Kabadaia is a Turkish expression, made up of the words ‘kaba’ and ‘dahia’ or ‘daja’, and its general meaning denotes a man who thinks too highly of himself, a boaster, a vain man. This expression can be heard on the streets of Bitola even today, when someone says: ‘Leave him be, he’s a Kabadaia”. Starting from this specific feature of Bitola, the authors of the film present several generation of cultural and social life of the city, thus moving farther away from the stereotype ‘Bitola – the city of consuls’ and ‘Bitola - the city of the piano’ and focusing on a character – feature of the citizens. Film “KabadaIa“ is the authors’ contemporary commentary on this phenomenon.