Kad porastem bicu Kengur - When I Grow Up I`ll be Kangaroo
Wettbewerb Spielfilm
Regie:Radivoje Andric
99 Min, Serbien 2004, OmuE
Acud, Mo, 30.11.113254 um 00:00 Uhr
babylon berlin:mitte, Di, 30.11.113266 um 00:00 Uhr
Nickelodeon, Mi, 30.11.113272 um 00:00 Uhr
Turbulente Komödie,
die drei parallele Geschichten
aus dem Belgrader Vorort Vodovac
über diese unsere ganz alltägliche
Hoffnungslosigkeit erzählt.
Die Themen wären eher gewöhnlich
– Liebe, Drogen, Fussball – wenn da nicht einige „Narben“ sichtbar würden,
die auf die lokale Geschichte verweisen…

WHEN I GROW UP I’M GOING TO BE KANGAROO comprises three intertwined stories set in the Belgrade suburb of Vozdovac.

In the first, Vozdovac native Braca tries to pick up Iris, a model from the city centre. Although they try not to be from two worlds, they are.

In the second story, Somi and Duje bet on the London football club Eastwich, where their school friend is goalkeeper, against favourite Manchester United.

In the third story, Avaks and Hibrid spend their day killing time on the roof of their apartment building waiting for something to happen. Their philosophy is “I make the most profit when I sit at home: no income but no expenses”. And then Avaks sees something strange happen in the sky.

This is a story about young people at the point when their youth runs out and they haven’t achieved anything in their lives. They’re occupied with peripheral matters and even when they try to make changes in their lives they do it the wrong way. They are waiting for something to wrest them out of their torpor, without realizing that life and spiritual well-being are not things which come as a gift but are something which must be worked at.