Panorama: Best of the Rest!
Regie:Casey Cooper Johnson
26 Min, Kosovo 2005
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Nickelodeon, Sa, 31.03.113274 um 00:00 Uhr
Der Film stellt junge Friedens- und PolitAktivistInnen aus dem ehemaligem Jugoslawien vor und stellt Fragen, die auch etwas nord-westlicher akut sind…
Outside the Framework

In 2003 and 2004, a Kosova based documentary team traveled throughout the countries of ex-Yugoslavia and Albania, filming and interviewing their neighbors about the issues that have been present and relevant to everyone of the region since the fall of communism and recent Balkan wars. The Outside the Framework Documentary Series shows this region undergo its extreme changes through the voices of ex-fighters, local journalists, musicians, activists, Romas, and other interesting and un-common characters. Each episode of this six part series focuses on one special theme, weaving together the perspectives of people from each country.


Social activism in the Balkans started in the early 90’s, mainly as response to growing tensions and wars. For a considerable time, they were the only voices saying “something is wrong”. As the wars came to an end, so did the social activism also change direction. By the end of 90’s, social activists ranged from anti-militant, to pro-reconciliation work, or to anarchism. This episode looks at the development of social activism in the Balkans, from the time when saying “NO” was the only form of progressive thinking, up to today’s crucial role of these movements to educate citizens of their power to choose in post-communist systems.

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SERIES LENGTH 6 x 26 minute episodes

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Crossing Bridges
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