Food – Paha
Balkan Black Shorts: Wettbewerb Kurzfilm
Regie:Vladimir Balkanski a.k.a. Vladimir Munteanu
9Min, Bulgarien 2004
Nickelodeon, Sa, 31.03.113240 um 00:00 Uhr
babylon berlin:mitte, Mi, 30.11.113272 um 00:00 Uhr
A woman tells her story about hard times in rising rabbits. Although she loves the little ones and she is kind of emotionally connected with them, eventually comes the day that fluffy animals have been "waiting for"...
Vladimir Balkanski a.k.a. Vladimir Munteanu BIOGRAPHY A Bulgarian with Romanian roots. Born on the 10 April 1977 in Montana, Bulgaria and raised in Kozloduy, Bulgaria. In 2001 graduated law in Free University of Bourgas. In 2002 is matriculated in the department “Visual arts” in New Bulgarian University, where is studying “Film direction” /IV year/ at the moment. Art director in the Bulgarian comics magazine “Duga” /Rainbow/. With “Food” won 3 prize in the 9th Annual Student Film Festival of New Bulgarian University, and was selected as one of the best debut student films by “Kino” magazine, and was in the official selection of the international art festival “Euroart 2005” in Blagoevgrad. FILMOGRAPHY 1. Short documentary “Food” (2004) 2. Short fiction “X-hibitionist, dog & girl” (2004) 3. Short fiction “Secretary” (2005) 4. Commercial spot against nicotine addiction (2005) 5. Sort fiction with working title “The Call” (2005) – in post production