Dobro jutro, maligna čelijo – Good morning malignant cell
Balkan Black Shorts: Wettbewerb Kurzfilm
Regie: Marin Malesevič
20 Min, Serbien 2005
Nickelodeon, Sa, 31.03.113240 um 00:00 Uhr
babylon berlin:mitte, Mi, 30.11.113272 um 00:00 Uhr
They stay for a while in the kitchen
The neighbor comes, they move to the living room
They watch a TV programme
The son arrives from the army
They go for a walk
"Good morning malignant cell" is a film that could be placed in the "realistic horror" genre. Composed of grotesque images from family life it represents, a tragi-comical, coarse projection of the metastasis of moral and social poverty, in this case provoced by protracted destruction in all valuations, on all levels.”

Vlada Crnjanski “DNEVNIK”