Focus: Disposable Heroes -Vergessene Helden
Regie:Ivan Andrijanic & Ivan Stefanovic
33 Min, Serbien 2004
babylon berlin:mitte, Fr, 31.07.113271 um 00:00 Uhr
Nickelodeon, So, 31.03.113280 um 00:00 Uhr
Ein Film über drei in Serbien verurteilte Kriegsverbrecher, der die indviduellen Schwierigkeiten mit der Aufarbeitung der Vergangenheit beleuchtet.
When you set something on fire do it better! is an anti-war documentary, a stirring testimony on a war crime ordered by the superiors in the village of Kusnin in Kosovo in 1999. The documentary testifies about the war crime ordered by the superiors in Kosovo, in the village of Kusnin in 1999. A soldier from Belgrade, Danilo Tesic, reported to the security organs in Prizren that he, along with another soldier, Misel Seregi from Subotica, had murdered and burnt the bodies of two Albanian civilians in the village of Kusnin. The criminal proceedings were started before the Military Court in Nis. Danilo and Misel along with the lieutenant Colonel Zlatan Mancic and captain Rade Radojevic , were charged with the war crime against the civilian population. Meting out the penalty for Tesic and Seregi, theMilitary Court especially considered the fact that the soldiers had acted in line with the superiors orders, but the law is clear-an order by which a crime might be committed, must not be carried out. Zlatan Mancic was sentenced to fourteen- year prison term, Rade Radojevic was sentenced to tweleve-year prison term, Misel Seregi was sentenced to five-year prison term, whereas Danilo Tesic was sentenced to seven -year prison term. The voice of the injured parties could not be heard in the courtroom. It was enough to obtain the report of the International Committee of the Red Cross on missing persons in Kosovo. Two old men, Miftar and Selman Temaj, were the only missing in the village of Kusnin in April 1999. Their sons Muse and Halit , speak about the event in the WHEN YOU SET SOMETHING ON FIRE, DO IT BETTER!

author: Jasna Jankovic

directed by: Ivan Andrijanic and Ivan Stefanovic