Podgryavane na vcherashniya obed - Warming up yesterday’s lunch
Panorama Bulgarien
Regie:Kostadin Bonev
96 Min, Bulgarien/Makedonien, 2002
babylon berlin:mitte, Fr, 31.03.113234 um 00:00 Uhr
Acud, Mi, 31.07.113247 um 00:00 Uhr
Nickelodeon, Do, 30.11.113284 um 00:00 Uhr
Ein Filmteam arbeitet an einer Dokumentation über Katarina Vandeva, deren Kindheitserinnerungen offensichtlich für heutige Machthaber unbequem sind – das Team wird sogar angegriffen… Geschichtsaufarbeitung von hoher Qualität.

High in the mountains of Macedonia a team of young filmmakers are making a documentary about Katerina Vandeva - a descendant of an ancient Komita family. Several former state and party functionaries interfere in their work, with the aim of using Katerina's confessions for their own purposes. Nikola, the director, and his friends have to make a choice - whether to compromise their consciences, as normally happens here in the Balkans, or to preserve Katerina's message.

"Seven dark 20th - century decades of Macedonian submission to outside forces are personalized in Warming Up Yesterday's Lunch. The audacious casting of three actresses to play Katerina at various ages is notable. Kazakova's Katerina exudes an optimism that suggests a youthful, energetic society that wasn't to be, and becomes touching as outside politics gives her little grounds for hope. The production sets a high-water mark for Bulgarian filmmaking, as several periods are covered with plenty of convincing design details."
Robert Koehler, Variety

Bulgarian documentary filmmaker,born in 1951 in Tryavna.
He graduated from the Higher Institute of Economics in
Sofia and studied theatre at the Higher Institute of
Theatrical Arts in 1980.He specialised further in film and TV
direction under Georgi Diulgerov at the Higher Institute of
Theatrical Arts in 1990.His Letters to the Underworld won
two prizes in Varna and a prize for the best film in St.
Petersburg in 1995.The critics gave special awards to Under
a Cloud and The Patience of a Stone at the Plovdiv festival.
The latter film was awarded the "Silver Vityaz"in Kiev.
Warming Up Yesterday's Lunch is his debut feature film.