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Der Schwarze Film (crni film) (OmeU)

Kurzfilm Yugoslavia, 1971, 14 min, 35 mm, black and white

Regie: Zelimir Zilnik

One night Zilnik picks up 10 homeless men from the streets of Novi Sad and brings them home. While they enjoy the hospitality of his family, Zilnik tries to ''solve the homeless problem'' - bringing along the film camera, as a witness. He talks to different social services, common citizens, even the police. Everybody close their eyes in front of the ''problem''. This film depicts the misery of abstract humanism. It is a reckoning with anarcho-liberalism, with false avant-gardism, with social demagogy, with left-wing fraction. The author sees this film as an example of filmmaker's exploitation of others' misfortune, beleiving as they do that, they belong to a higher social class than the victims. Dieser Film zeigt das Elend eines abstrakten Humanismus. Er ist eine Abrechnung mit dem Anarcholiberalismus, mit falschem Avantgardismus, mit sozialer Demagogie, mit linksgerichteten Phrasen.