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19.06.2001Superchannel 21:00

The Bridge
Dokumentarfilm CRO, 2001, 31 min., DV und BETA/SP

Maja Zrnic

A bridge is a fragile arch that connects two shores. As a metaphor it symbolizes a relation between people who belong to different civilization, religions and worlds. Mostar, a town in Bosnia and Herzegovina is famous for its bridges. One can find there a unique mix of Ottoman (Muslim) and Austrian (Christian) cultural influences. It is a place where east meets west. «The Bridge» is a documentary film about two young Mostarians whose lives were affected by war madness, which culminated in destruction of the Old Bridge. Today, Sanja and Sulejman are trying to live normally in divided town of Mostar. Coming from opposite sides, they meet in alternative workshop called “The Young Bridge”.