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"We are girls but, …"

Regie: Katharina Koch & Marie du Vinage; 46 min, D/RO 2006 (Englische OF)
Wettbewerb: Newcomer

ACUDkino, Sa, 18.11.2006 um 18:00 Uhr
babylon berlin:mitte, So, 19.11.2006 um 18:15 Uhr

Der Film portraitiert 6 Künstlerinnen in Rumänien. Die Kamera begleitet die Frauen in ihrem alltäglichen Lebensumfeld. Dabei erzählen die Künstlerinnen sehr lebendig über ihr Schaffen, über Lebensperspektiven, Alltag und Utopien und stellen ihre künstlerischen Projekte vor. (in Anwesenheit der Regisseurinnen)

„We are girls, but... - Women artists in Romania between everyday life and visions.”

The documentary portrays five young and one older women artists who are living and working in different cities of Romania. The first portrait takes place in Timisoara and focus' on an artist trio who is running one of few uncommercial and independent gallery spaces in Romania. It calls „H.arta“. Since 2001 the 3 girls are organizing discussions, workshops and exhibitions around issues of contemporary art discourses and praxis beyond the mainstream. Until today they are the only women artist group in Romania working in this kind of project together. Moreover they are also artists doing their individual artworks and projects. The second part portrays the famous international artist Lia Perjovschi in Bucharest. She is a friend of the 3 H.arta- women and a kind of model for them. Lia Perjovschi tells about her way of living and her work as an artist before and after the revolution of '89 and about her activities nowadays regarding the „battle“ against the concept of the new Museum of Contemporary Art which is located in the „Ceausescu Palace“/“House of People“ (parliament building). She devotes her energy to create an alternative and independent art circle of different critical artists in Bucharest and on international level as well. The third part builds a kind of contrast to the story of Lia Perjovschi, because it dedicates to a woman artist being involved in the young fashioned art scene around the Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest and in the „big steps forward- mentality“ and developments of the art and culture field in Romania. The last story takes place in Cluj-Napoca and tells about a young video artist who is being separated and not be taken seriously as a woman artist in the local art scene which she signifies as „male domain”. Because of these personal experiences she has started to develop some critical projects and initiatives concerning women artists situation and the gender relations within the local and transnational art discussions.

Each story can stand for itself, but the film relates them to each other through a specific aesthetic for one hand and by following similar subjects, in order to contrast different attitudes, ways of living and working (art works/projects) in the context of the contemporary art scene in Romania. The camera accompanies the different women during their everyday life activities (at home, in the studio, with friends) and to special events (exhibition opening, art party...). In very close and personal pictures the film gives a deeper insight into the individual life situations. The women tell about their art work, everyday life routine and the difficulties to bring the „two domains“ of producing art, being creative and having a job for living, together. Another topic dedicates to the special experiences and problems of being a woman artist in an environment in which still prevails an old fashioned mentality regarding gender roles/relations in society.