balkan black box

Serbian Symphony

Regie: Sandrina Andic & Manuel Zimmer; 71 Min, Deutschland 2002
Wettbewerb: Panorama Dokumentarfilm

babylon berlin:mitte, Fr, 17.11.2006 um 20:00 Uhr
Brotfabrik Kino, So, 19.11.2006 um 18:00 Uhr

"If Clinton wouldn't play a saxophone,
you'd be all dead by now."
A member of the Orkestra Salijević

The movie accompanies namely the Orkestra Slijević („Underground“ / „Black Cat White Cat“) and the Boban Marković Orkestar („Underground“), who are both favourites for the "Golden Trumpet" throughout the last decade. The festival takes place in August 2000 in Guca, right when the bombing campaign ended.
Watch them at their training at home and try to find out which is their living background and how they produce their music. Feel their relationship to Serbian people, their tradition and their actual situation after the war.
This journey into the heart of European blues emphasis the Gypsies soul:
... and at the end, the winner is ... !!

The “Golden Trumpet" is one of the most wanted prices of the "Trubaci" (trumpet) - Festival in Guca, a small village in Serbia. Every year approximatly a half million people meet each other at the festival. They come from all over the Balcans to listen and to support the best of the `trubaci´-bands. Most of these musicians are Roma people.