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13.06.2001Deli (Eröffnungsparty) 21:00

Spielfilm Jugoslawien, 2001, 22 min.

Director: Marko Sopic Director of photography: Dusan Ivanovic & Kosta Glusica Editor: Marijan Rubesa Production: FDU (Faculty of Drama Arts) Cast: Bojana Kovacevic Slobodan Custic

At the end of the third millennium in three divided zones, the conflicts between Terans and Herons culminate, threatening to endanger peace on the planet by their spreading. After the forming of two global blocks a war began with only one goal: the quicker gathering of informations. It is believed that the video game "Conquering the Earth" from 1997 had big influence on the progression of this event. Organizing military and diplomatic missions the heads of United Alliance are trying to provide peace in these zones. No one from the recruited members of former Alliances teams came back from the mission.